Monthly pre-payment for support hours


As of 1st May 2021, Buzitech will only be providing support to monthly contract customers. There are limited numbers, with a waiting list for available places.
Technical Support and Telephone Support are logged and charged in fifteen-minute intervals at the prevailing rate. For site visits, the chargeable period is from when an engineer leaves the Buzitech office (or another customer's site) until returning to the Buzitech office (or another customer's site). Customers who opt for a Buzitech support contract receive a one working day response time. They are available to purchase as blocks of hours with discounts available depending on the block of hours booked (prices shown below). Contracts are on a one-year rolling basis and unused hours are rolled-over to the following year, avgeraged over three-years. If payments stop any remaining hours must be used within ninety (90) days or any deficit fully paid-up.


Support Contracts will be payable in monthly installments, paid by Standing Order.

 6 Hours = £42.50 + VAT per hour. £ 21.25 + VAT per month (£ 25.50)
12 Hours = £40.00 + VAT per hour. £ 40.00 + VAT per month (£ 48.00)
24 Hours = £37.50 + VAT per hour. £ 75.00 + VAT per month (£ 90.00)
36 Hours = £35.00 + VAT per hour. £105.00 + VAT per month (£126.00)
48 Hours = £32.50 + VAT per hour. £130.00 + VAT per month (£156.00)

The above contracts work out to be ½, 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours support per month averaged over the contract.

Terms and Conditions

Pre-Contract Site Survey

Where no previous support has been provided and to agree what level of service contract is required, Buzitech will undertake an initial free on site survey for new clients (approximately 1 hour). This will be reviewed annually (or if the inital hours are exceeded in the first term) to ensure that adequate cover remains in place.

This will provide:
» Summary of hardware and software
» Main functions and users
» Ongoing problems / immediate issues that will need to resolved or planned for within the contract
» Recommendations and maintenance contract costed accordingly
» Identify any third party software or dial up settings required for delivery of specific company services or products.

The Maintenance Service

Buzitech are able to offer a quality maintenance service on most items of computer and related equipment. Unless otherwise agreed the equipment serviced and maintained should be:

» IBM compatible PCs running Microsoft Operating Systems/software
» Computer Network Infrastructure (switch/hub/routers/cabling)

Replacement Parts

Buzitech will endeavour to source and supply any replacement parts that are not covered by manufacturer's warranty. These will be invoiced to the customer.

Procedure for Fault Reporting

Faults should be logged by calling the emergency support mobile number, via the website or email support [at] Please provide your name, company, location and telephone contact details, equipment details, and a full description of the fault symptoms including any error messages. If a full description is not given, this could lead to delays in service as cases will be prioritized by the engineer based on the fault description.

Buzitech service is delivered either within support package response time by telephone, email, remote access, or by a mutually agreeable call out date and time dependant on problem, urgency, location and access. (Please note that these arrangements can only be met if logged through the above reporting procedure).

Buzitech's standard working hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.

Virus Damage

Emergency support will not cover repair of virus infection unless the client's computers are running up to date anti-virus software.

Payment Terms

Payment for emergency support contracts are by monthly Standing Order. General support is payable by monthly invoice on 30-day terms.


The initial contract is valid for one-year at the chosen number of hours. Either party may terminate the agreement governed by these terms and conditions with one month's effect on written notice. All unused hours will be refunded, on request - no later than 30 days after cancellation.

Buzitech reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.

Data Protection

The information you provide or we hold may be used by our employees and/or agents to:

» Identify you when you make a telephone enquiry
» Help administer any accounts, services and products offered by our company now and in the future
» Write to, telephone, email or visit you in person with information about other services and products offered by us. We will not contact you in this way if you have opted out or otherwise not consented.

(Please contact to us if you do NOT wish to hear about other products and services.)