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Whatever your level of use with information technology, it is reassuring to know that Buzitech, the West Wales based I.T. Company is providing an unprecedented level of technical support for local businesses. Buzitech have a Microsoft Certified Technician available for call-out in South West Wales.

However you are using information technology within your business, you can regard Buzitech as your own Information Technology department.

For more information on our pricing and Support Contracts, please visit the Support Contracts page.

To make a support request, please visit the Contact Us page. Our response will be quick and efficient.

Remote Support

Start Remote Support If you have been directed to this page by a support technician, please click the support icon on the left to start the remote support session.

Next, select Open or Run and allow the program to run.

You will be shown a session ID and password, please provide them to the technician, who will then assist you.

For Apple Mac OS X, click here:
Apple Mac Remote Support


On the Technical Resources page you will find various links and information for third party support and products.