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Support Contracts

Support Contract Non-contract support is available at £45.00+VAT per hour, based on a next available appointment basis (usually within one working week). Emergency Technical Support without a Support Contract is charged at £90+VAT per hour. Technical Support and Telephone Support are logged and charged in fifteen-minute intervals at the prevailing rate. For site visits, the chargeable period is from when an engineer leaves the Buzitech office (or another customer's site) until returning to the Buzitech office (or another customer's site).

Customers who opt for a Buzitech support contract receive a one working day response time. They are available to purchase as blocks of hours with discounts available depending on the block of hours booked (prices shown below). Contracts are avergaged over and renewable every three years and unused hours are credited at the end of each contract (based on the contract rate chosen). Each contract comes with an initial site visit to review and document existing systems.


Apart from the discounted hourly rates, the main advantage for choosing a Support Contract is a quicker response time from the support request, including our Emergency Support mobile telephone number. The Support Contracts will be payable in monthly installments.

 6 Hours = £42.50 + VAT per hour. £ 21.25 + VAT per month (£ 25.50)
12 Hours = £40.00 + VAT per hour. £ 40.00 + VAT per month (£ 48.00)
24 Hours = £37.50 + VAT per hour. £ 75.00 + VAT per month (£ 90.00)
36 Hours = £35.00 + VAT per hour. £105.00 + VAT per month (£126.00)
48 Hours = £32.50 + VAT per hour. £130.00 + VAT per month (£156.00)

The above contracts work out to be ½, 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours support per month averaged over the 3 year contract.


Larger companies who outsource their I.T. requirements to Buzitech, may negotiate and receive different terms and pricing to the above structure, including faster response times.