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Welcome to Buzitech

Buzitech's primary focus is to provide service and support to local businesses. This allows us to concentrate on service rather than be sales driven as we do not have a retail outlet where customers can purchase goods. We only stock small components used in the repair and upgrading of computer systems. Some of the services we offer are:

» Server and Network installations
» Microsoft Partner for Small and Midmarket Cloud (e.g. Office 365)
» Hardware support and installations
» Software support for Microsoft Operating Systems (Client/Server)
» Support for desktop applications (e.g. Microsoft Office)
» Network infrastructure support & troubleshooting
» Category 5 network cabling
» Wired and wireless broadband installations
» Backup / disaster & data recovery
» Support for many third-party applications

Mission Statement

We pride ourselves in offering our customers an expert level of I.T support and consultancy throughout the West Wales area.

"To provide reliable and cost-effective I.T. support for your business"

It is generally more cost effective to outsource I.T support rather than to locate and employ a suitably qualified person in-house. It is also wise to use qualified expert I.T technicians, rather than suffer downtime costs due to giving I.T responsibility to a non-qualified member of staff as part of his/her duties. Qualified technicians are generally able to diagnose and resolve problems more quickly and reliably than less skilled personnel.

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